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Additional Videos
Complex Revascularization of Popliteal and Posterior Tibial Artery Occlusion using Jetstream Atherectomy System
Treating Acute DVT in Patients with May-Thurner Syndrome using the AngioJet™ ZelanteDVT™ Catheter
Advanced Guide Wire Techniques: Case Based Discussion
Mixed Procedure Use in the First Freestanding Hybrid Lab in Florida
LIVE CASE/CLINICAL PRESENTATION Orbital Atherectomy: Advancing Complex Calcified Lesion Treatment Strategies
LIVE CASE/CLINICAL PRESENTATION Orbital Atherectomy: Advancing Complex Calcified Lesion Treatment Strategies
Results of Tibiopedal Access for Crossing of Infrainguinal Artery Occlusions: A Prospective Multicenter Observational Study
Complex SFA Disease: Maximizing Outcomes while Minimizing Costs
Three Vessel PCI Versus Bypass Surgery Reduced to One Vessel PCI by Smart Use of HD-IVUS and Catheter Based FFR
Intraluminal Crossing of a Severely Calcified CFA CTO with the Crosser® System - When to use Crosser® 14S versus Crosser® S6 Catheter
Acoustic Pulse Thrombolysis™ Treatment for Massive and Submassive Pulmonary Embolism
Revascularization of a Complex Chronic Total Occlusion of the Left Common Iliac Artery
Intraluminal Crossing of a CTO & Subintimal Crossing of a CTO
Using Rotational Angiography and Innova HeartVision in Structural Heart Procedures
Transcatheter Closure of Secundum ASD Complicated by Deficient RetroAortic Rim and Moderate Pulmonary Hypertension
Robotic Assistance Optimizing PCI
Optimizing PCI Results with Integrated NIRS-IVUS and X-ray
Adjunctive External Ultrasound Guidance for Crossing a Complex CTO with the Crosser® Catheter
Imaging of Aortic Stenosis and Perioperative Assessment for TAVR
Maximizing the Benefits of Emerging Technologies in Today's Healthcare Climate
Emergent Case: Using Drug Eluting Stents in an Emergent ST-elevation MI
Full Coverage: Using Drug Eluting Stents to Treat Long Lesions
Novel Approaches to Structural Heart Disease: Closing an ASD Using ICE and Fluoroscopy
Outpatient PCI Management Facilitated via Successful Extravascular Arteriotomy Closure
Extravascular Vascular Closure as a Safe, Routine Compliment to Outpatient Angiography
New Treatment Modalities for IVC Filter Patients
Duke University - Case Report Series
Complex PCI with Rotational Atherectomy with Increased Hemodynamic Support from a New Fiber-optic 50cc IAB Catheter
Complex PCI: 84-Year-Old Male Patient With Severe Triple-Vessel Disease Refuses Surgery and Undergoes Complex PCI Using Impella 2.5 for Hemodynamic Support
Pediatric Cardiology Toward A New Frontier
Duke University - Case Report Series
Unprotected Left Main Intervention with Impella Device Support
Hemodynamic Support During High Risk Balloon Aortic Valvuloplasty, The Role of Impella 2.5
Aortic Balloon Valvuloplasty With Continuous Left Ventricular Assist Support Using The Impella 2.5
Using Left Radial Access for Complex Coronary Artery Interventions
Case #1: 65 year old male with native left circumflex and saphenous vein graft disease.
Case #3: 64 year old male with known coronary artery disease, previous coronary stent placement and possible re-stenosis.
Optimal Imaging and Contrast Dye Loaded in Complex Cases
Novel Approaches to Angiography Using Philips Healthcare Technologies
Using IVUS and FFR to Diagnose and Treat Patients With Multivessel Disease
Case #2: 64 year old male with end-stage kidney disease and inferior ischemia.
Atrial Septal Defect Diagnosis and Repair with Live 3D and Live xPlane Trans-Esophageal Echocardiography
Practical Approaches for Management of STEMI
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